Internet Marketing Consultant

Strategy & Analysis

Digital Marketing Strategy and Analysis– One of the basis for any company, Digital marketing strategy and analysis is one of the beginning steps to grow your company.  Digital Marketing Strategy and Analysis can be broken down into our following focuses.

  • SWOT Analysis
    • While doing a thorough sweep of your website, we can identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your business. Dividing these categories and assessing will make it easier to identify your business’s potential and threats.  It will also allow us to separate focal areas into internal and external issues.   Performing this exercise will ultimately allow us to determine which objectives and obstacles need to be overcome or minimized, to achieve desired results.
  • Segmentation
    • Segmentation is important for ecommerce, because it will allow us to separate areas that are accessible, actionable, definable and most importantly, profitable. From here, we will place more emphasis on segments that have the most growth potential.
  • Pricing
    • Our goal is to suggest a sales price that will be both competitive, yet allow for maximum profit. Perceived value is key, and will play a major role in our suggestions.
  • Targets
    • Here we can help determine the best possible group of customers to advertise to. Reviewing and analyzing areas such as age group, sex, class, consumer interests and other areas will help us to determine these targets, which will help us to lower marketing costs, while achieving a higher conversion rate.
  • Cost-effective marketing
    • When working with smaller businesses, we understand that budget may be limited. Taking advantage of low-cost marketing techniques, such as using free publicity, customer surveys, creating partnerships, networking and more, we can provide maximum results with minimal costs.
  • Magento
    • Magento is an open-source content management system for ecommerce websites. We have experience in developing promotions, mirroring landing pages for segmentation, product and merchandise builds, content additions and html coding.
  • Demandware
    • Demandware, much like Magento is also an ecommerce platform that allows some flexibility and management. We have experience in developing promotions, mirroring landing pages for segmentation, product and merchandise builds, content additions, html coding, planning and more.
  • Content Creation
    • Researching subjects and creating relevant content is important for your website. Let us put together informative articles, write appealing product descriptions and create keyword-heavy content, complete with the necessary SEO tags.