Internet Marketing Consultant

Digital Channels

Digital Channels– These are the divisions, in which you can receive traffic. Tending to these channels can cause some favorable results to occur.  We have extensive experience in marketing for all of the digital channels below.

  • Email
    • Developing and managing your email marketing channel can be a vital step in growing and having a successful business. Creating campaigns such as drip, win-back, cart abandonment and promotional are just a few ways to gain and engage customers, increase conversion rates and get the results you want. There are also ways to increase open rates through subject and time delivery options. Testing these attributes can also help understand your audience and allow us to optimize your campaigns.
  • Paid Search
    • Through research, we can find and determine the most relevant key terms to help drive traffic to your website. Whether your target is click-based or purchase-based, we can provide optimal results, by finding the right combination of key terms, ad content and landing pages.  When optimized, paid search costs go down, allowing you to get a better ROI.
  • SEO
    • Through search engine optimization (SEO), we can help increase page ranking. By using the ethical white hat  tactics, we intend to make long-term investment on your website ranking.  By using keyword and keyword analysis, backlinking and link building, we will create relevant content for your readers, thus increasing page ranking in the long run.
  • Retargeting
    • When getting significant traffic to your site, retargeting is another marketing tactic that can help increase revenue and conversion on your site. By using a Javascript code to follow your consumers after they’ve been on the site, we can pick and choose the type of ad to show on later websites, based on the shoppers’ behavior.
  • Display
    • Display advertising allows us to represent your company by placing one of the various formats of text, image, flash, audio or video in an ad space on relevant websites. While low converting, advertising this way is also low cost, and may prove to be very profitable.
  • Social Media
    • Social media is one of the more recent channels available to help your business benefit. By using social media, we can help you build your brand, run promotions, interact with your audiences and even gain valuable information from your audience.
  • Affiliate
    • Affiliate marketing is another way to advertise your website and link from other websites. An ecommerce based website typically pays commission based on the sales that derive from coupon codes or traffic sent in from said affiliate, or promoter.  The advantage of using affiliate marketing is that it can be paid for by giving commissions, rather than traffic.
  • Marketplaces
    • Management for marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Sears or Walmart can both help extend your market reach and increase linking, by adding your product and content to various marketplaces. Commissions and fees depend by marketplaces.
  • Mobile
    • With mobile traffic taking bigger shares of total digital traffic, it is important to manage and account for user experiences across tablets and phones. Being able to reach and understand your mobile audience and convert them across all platforms can be very profitable for your business.